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1.Cats and dogs on the street are exposed to diseases that can be fatal to you.

When it comes to germs, the remote control we touch every day becomes infected. It’s almost impossible to avoid germs unless you live in a sterile lab isolated from the world. The money we carry every day, the Hanging we carry on the bus and the escalator you carry on the subway… Many things like this are 10 times more contagious than stray animals. So it is pointless to hesitate, to love them and to touch them.

2.stray dogs attack people.

Stray dogs do not attack people unless they are attacked (unless they are aggressive). Many of them became cowards because of the pressure people were subjected to.when a person treats a dog well, the dog becomes his best friend. The stray dog only reacts when it offends itself and is scared.

3.stray animals still find food.

They can’t open trash cans closed, they can’t decipher garbage bags. sit tight. When people do not leave food outdoors, they starve, become weak and sick. They “live”like humans. In this context, we should keep in mind that homeless animals are as connected to the outside world as you are when it comes to food.

4.stray dogs attack every car they see.

We need to understand that the real problem here is that dogs don’t attack cars, that spinning wheels instinctively react to them. If you’ve seen your favourite dog, you might notice they react exactly the same way to a car going through the window. It is important to understand that if you are on your bike or motorbike here and you push them while driving ،

5.drawn stray dogs bark, fleas, ill.

Not every itchy dog is Scooby. It’s like not everyone has scabies. The shell manifests itself in the form of excessive hair loss, weakness and bruises on the animal’s body. Sometimes when you see furry dogs, don’t worry. It is sometimes attributed to stray animals for updating feathers through straw blades during seasonal changes. This is a normal situation they face every year.

6.Cats and dogs on the street turn on each other, disturbing the peace.

If they are all peaceful and have enough food, they will not interfere with each other and can co-exist under proper conditions. However, dogs that are constantly forced to eat reptiles and raw meat in areas close to their natural habitat become aggressive and can attack cats like reptiles because of the high hunting motives they will lose if they demand.

7.homeless animals are locked in shelters.

The animal’s name is a stray environment on the street because it prefers to be with people, hoping to be treated well even in an area where it is happy and comfortable. If it belongs, it could be a cat house and a dog park. Very few shelters in the country have standards that allow them to live comfortably. In general, they consume their lives in pain due to indifference, starvation and infection in narrow refuge areas. We’ve already learned how difficult it is in an animal shelter environment with an animal shelter.

8.homeless animals can eat dry bread.

Stray animals don’t eat dry bread, if they are given bread, turn the water into a diet or food waste and dried with the help of designers, which can be satisfying for them. Because bread is a yeast-containing food, the risk of skin problems and susceptibility can be very high in dogs fed for two years or longer, although there is no damage within the first two years. Therefore, meat, paparazzi or dry food are the most appropriate.

9.stray animals are useless.

Every animal can be trained if approached with sufficient knowledge and love. Dogs in particular have high protective instincts and stray cats to prevent mice, insects, reptiles and insects from entering the dwellings. Stray dogs can even see the need for a toilet in a secluded spot when you notice them.

10.stray animals are numb and insensitive to what happens around them.

They feel it, they get depressed, they calm down and they commit suicide even if they’re not very happy. They just can’t shed tears like humans. Dogs show their faces, cats tell their voices their sadness, their despair. If they’re happy, dogs will shake tails and cats will yawn at you. They have family ties, know and love their offspring or their parents. They protect those who treat each other and treat themselves well within the family or in the herd. But like humans, they can fight within themselves. Like the rest of us.

11.stray animals shit all over the place.

Stray animals don’t eat with a fork like humans, using their teeth for many treatments to open packs with claws attached to their mouths. If you don’t tie the garbage bags tightly, they don’t have to tear them apart so all the rubbish doesn’t get scattered on the streets. If you suspect them and aren’t satisfied that garbage bags are the only source of feed for homeless animals, put a bowl of food on your door.


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